Peace and Blessings,

The African American Dance Ensemble will sponsor two days of Kwanzaa, Kuumba (Creativity)

C3 @ the Venue in Raleigh and Imani (Faith) at the historic Durham Armory in


                                                                   Kwanzaa Fest is a community-wide celebration of culture

                                                                   and collective call for unity, peace and harmony in the New

                                                                   Year. Appealing to a diverse audience, AADE seeks to

                                                                   preserve and promote the finest tradition of African

                                                                   and African American dance and music through research, education, and entertainment. For thirty                                                                     seven years AADE has thrilled audiences nationally and internationally. Vibrant colored costumes and                                                             energetic dancers and musician have brought Davis’ choreography to life and left audiences' awe-                                                                     stricken and dancing in the aisles.

This FREE performing arts extravaganza takes place on the last day of Kwanzaa, which means Imani (ee-MAH-nee) or Faith. In celebration of this principle, we will have health screening, shop on “Davis' Way” featuring businesses, artist and community groups, kids' activities, face painting, and a Raffle to benefit the Davis-Williams Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is awarded to youth who are interested in the performing arts and wish to learn their craft and pursue the arts of dance and/or teaching. With delicious food and lots of dancing, fund and friendship.


We invite you and your organization to purchase ads in our commemorative event brochure as a way to support this annual community event. This publication reaches over 2000 attendees and allows you to express your well wishes for the community’s continued success in the New Year.

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​Face Painting


Arts & Crafts