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Peace and Blessings,

                                                                    Kwanzaa is a celebration for ALL people, focusing on family, community, and                                                         culture, centered on seven basic values as building blocks for peace and                                                                 progress within neighborhoods. Celebrating this holiday season and the                                                                 Triangle's diversity, AADE’s annual Kwanzaa celebration is a time to enjoy                                                               family, community, and culture. We are excited again, to host two days of


  • December 28th, the third day of Kwanzaa, which observes the principle Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility

  • January 1st, the seventh day of Kwanzaa (final day), which observes the principle Imani (Faith) 


For Durham and the African American Dance Ensemble, Dr. Charles "Chuck"

Davis began the Kwanzaa Fest as a way to celebrate Durham's rich African

American history. This would be a time where not only did we celebrate as a

people but would seek to unite many other cultures as we celebrated the

first fruits of our new year.


We look forward to having you with us again this year!!! For more information, you may click the pictures below.

AADE Kwanzaa Fest Committee


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