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38th Annual Kwanzaa Fest


Nguza Saba


UMOJA – (Unity)

Processional                                                                                                                                                                                                      AADE, Elders, & Performers

The African American Dance Ensemble, Elders, and performers greets and welcome all to the dancing ground where all important events are presented.


Lift Every Voice & Sing

All Stand


Introduction of Emcee                                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. B. Angeloe Burch, Sr.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Executive Director


Mrs. Venita Allen

Founding member of the African American Dance Ensemble


KUJICHAGULIA – (Self-Determination)

Greater Is He Mime

Mr. Jarret Terry is back with us from Winston-Salem, NC. Now in his 12th year of Gospel Mime, he says, "Serve not to make your name known, but to make God's name known, not to lift yourself up but to life God's name up. Ministry should always be about God and never about you." As God continues to move in his life, he will continue to minister to God's people through mime.


UJIMA – (Collective Work and Responsibility)

 Psalmist Danyelle Sanders

UJAMAA – (Cooperative Economics)

Harambee Collective Mime 

Created in 2021, by McDaniel Roberts at Community School of Digital and Visual Arts. Currently the team consists of 6-8 members grades 5-7

NIA – (Purpose)

Evin Gibson

Evin Gibson is an award-winning singer, songwriter, model, and actor with an energetic and mellow vibe. With a smooth vocal style, he fuses Pop with R&B and soul. He has worked with many noted artists throughout the years and has toured the world performing original and classic gems. His plans to make timeless music

KUUMBA – (Creativity)

African American Dance Ensemble

Our Mission is to preserve and teach traditional African dance, while collaborating with other organizations to sustain our community through research, education, and empowerment. Our Vision is to provide positive opportunities for youth and under-served populations through the Arts to overcome challenges.


IMANI – (Faith)

Akoma de Gado Dance & Drum Performance Ensemble

Founder, Chairman, Creative Coordinator Babadunjo Olagunke', Akoma de Gado means Love of Legacy". We are comprised of dancers, musicians, students, members celebrating the African diaspora - black dance aesthetic, history, customs, culture, tradition, rhythms, songs, telling you about our stories from the African - American perspective and bringing them to you in the 21st century!


Grand Finale

Bantaba – Everyone is invited to join!!!

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