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The African American Dance Ensemble (AADE) founded in Durham in 1984 by the incomparable and world-renowned Raleigh native Dr. Charles "Chuck" Davis (1937 - 2017). We celebrated our first Kwanzaa in Durham in 1986 and our first in Raleigh in 2023.


A 501(c) 3 organization, and our mission is to preserve and teach traditional African dance, enhance all Art forms: while collaborating with other organizations to sustain our community through research, education and empowerment with the Arts as a catalyst. AADE celebrates traditional African culture, aesthetics and values to encourage cross-cultural dialogue, cooperation and understanding.


OUR VISION is to provide positive opportunities for youth and under-served populations through the Arts to overcome challenges.

OUR PURPOSE is to help our youth become more active through dance and the arts. With our motto: "Peace, Love, Respect for Everybody"  


We dance for peace; we dance for strength. School performances, Board Trainings, Culture Festivals, and many more is where we can enhance community through the Arts.

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