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The Legacy Continues




The Executive Director, Dr. Burch, the Board, Council of Elders, Dancers, and administrative team of the

African American Dance Ensemble would like to thank everyone for their support of the Kwanzaa

celebrations, Together at Kwanzaa. 

We were excited to host two days of Kwanzaa, December 28th at C3 at the Venue, hosting our first

Kwanzaa in the city of Raleigh and back at the Historic Durham Armory for our 37th Annual

celebration. We have continued to dance and perform to help our community stay in shape and keep

healthy during these unprecedented times. Partnering with organizations and giving our time to sit on

communities for the Homeless and using our time and energies to educate and entertain.

To Venita Allen, thank you for being a wonderful MC. Your dedication and expertise are phenomenal. DJ Scoot, thank you for providing wonderful sound and music in Raleigh and Durham. We are thankful to Wool E. Bull and the Durham Fire Department for keeping the children entertained. To the Performers and Vendors, we thank you all for providing your best. 


See you all next year!!! 

Photo by: Juan Richardson

M.O.I. Photogrphy

THE AFRICAN AMERICAN DANCE ENSEMBLE                                                                                    


The African American Dance Ensemble is a 501(c) 3 organization, and our mission is to    preserve and share the finest traditions of African and African American Dance and            Music through research, education, performance and entertainment; to focus on the          health and education of our community.


Our purpose is to help our youth become more active through dance and the arts. With our motto: "Peace, Love, Respect for Everybody" the Ensemble celebrates traditional African culture, aesthetics and values to encourage cross-cultural dialogue, cooperation and understanding. 

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The Davis-Williams Scholarship is named after the late Baba Chuck Davis, founder of the African American Dance Ensemble, The Chuck Davis Company and DanceAfrica and Mr. Jimmie Williams, former dancer of AADE.

The scholarship will be awarded to youth who are interested in the performing arts and desire to learn their craft

and pursue the art of dance and or teaching. We believe the education of our youth is important, and the way to

ensure the continuance of dance is to make sure that we do our part to assist those who desire to carry the banner.

The education of our youth is important, and the way to ensure the continuance of African and African American

Dance is to make sure that we do our part to physically, mentally and financially assist those who desire to carry the

banner. For more information contact us at

                                                                                        Help Us Help Our Youth

120706 Chuck Davis 102-M.jpg

Baba Chuck Davis

January 1, 1937 - May 14, 2017

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